Skiability situation:



6 / 18 °C


Snow depth (cm)

Pecol 0 cm - Grava 30 cm

Last snowfall


Open lifts

Chairlifts 0/4

Drag lifts 0/3

Cable cars 0/1


Ski slopes lengths open (km)

Blue ones 0/6

Red ones 0/10

Black ones 0/3


To book the training slopes, fill in the form below by 17:00 on Friday (for the following week), or fill in the form at our offices.

To reserve trails for a race, call our offices (+39 0437 789295 – fax +39 0437 788648) or send a request to

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    All the list of information that could be useful to you.

    • The reservation must be sent by filling in the online form or the hard copy of the booking chart in our offices before 5.00 p.m. every Friday. The Ski Lift Operator Company will answer by 7.00 p.m. with the indication of the slopes and the hour availabilities.
    • Any other requests must always be sent by e-mail (, or you can inquire at the office. We have to get your request at least two days before the training.
    • Val di Zoldo Funivie reserves the right to vary the slopes and times according to the snow situation, the weather and the number of training requests. The given slopes will be subject to change based on the previous.
    • Being correct with the other training groups, you have to cancel the reservation immediately, if, for organisational reasons, you cannot keep the appointment. If you do not notify us about the cancellation, Val di Zoldo Funivie reserves the right not to accept any of your future bookings.
    • In the case of numerous requests, Val di Zoldo Funivie reserves the right to establish training shifts with pre-established times (e.g. 8.30-11.00, 11.00-13.30, 13.30-16.30).
    • In the case of numerous requests, Val di Zoldo Funivie reserves the right to group one or more groups on the same route. If this is not accepted, the groups in question will be denied to continue the training.
    • Coaches must show up on their section of the track within the scheduled time; otherwise, they will be assigned to another group. In case of delay, the coach is required to notify the manager of the slopes.
    • Coaches are required to respect the schedules strictly set by Val di Zoldo Funivie.
    • Coaches can not change the slopes and the schedules without the approval of the slope manager.
    • In the case of multiple tracks on a slope, those must be parallel perfectly, and the necessary space is needed between the tracks.
    • The training slopes must be marked and explicitly fenced, and for this purpose, Val di Zoldo Funivie will provide the delimitation ropes and poles. The coaches and the ski clubs are responsible for making these materials available and for storing them in the same place at the end of the training.
    • At the end of the training, each trainer and each ski club is responsible for smoothing the used ski slopes and not leaving obstacles or any other dangerous things for the slope users.
    • The poles must be put in the designated areas indicated by the slope manager. They must not be put at the edge of the track if they present dangers or obstacles for the track users or the maintainers.
    • Only athletes with helmets and coaches (even without a helmet) can access the training track.
    • The slopes available for training are Cristelin Alto (ex snowpark), Casot, Grava 2, Laghetto, Cristelin Basso, Foppe (for SL).
    • The training and competition programs will be shown on the bulletin board at the Val di Zoldo Funivie office.

    your training.

    We promise you pure adrenaline.